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Welcome to Münster, welcome to Münster’s most popular travel agency

With 12 branches in Münster and the Münsterland Reisebüro Meimberg is a major partner for incoming and outgoing tourism.We have been taking care of travellers from all over the world for more than 45 years.

Are you planning a trip to Münster? Or would you like to travel from Münster to destinations in Germany, Europe or the rest of the world? We can provide a full service to support you. Contact our employees for individual advice on the phone, call into one of our 12 offices, or make use of our online services.
We apologize for the fact that the other pages of our website are only available in German. We will be pleased to serve you in English at all the branches of our travel agency.

Tel.: 0800 – 63 46 23 74 (Freecall)
Fon: 02 51 – 41 761 – 0
Fax: 02 51 – 56 22 – 3

E-Mail: beratung@meimberg.de

Travel Agency Münster – Reisebüro Meimberg